Dear Rob Ford

Hi, I'm David.

We've never met. I imagine we have a lot in common, however, and I thought I'd get in touch. Coincidentally, we're both Carleton dropouts, business leaders and politically active to some degree.

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I do appreciate your effort. I haven't ever been mayor of a large city, & I can't even begin to imagine the immense pressure you're under constantly. However, as someone who has been overweight, depressed, addicted to drugs, suicidal, and even a liar, amongst a long list of other things: I'd hate to be in your shoes, and I think you do too.

Let's put the mayor thing aside, momentarily, and address some of your personal issues. Please, for your sake, before attempting to address the city's issues, address your personal issues. Substance abuse, depression and your weight, are most likely already impacting your life in a negative way: The added pressure of being a mayor of a major city-center isn't likely to help resolve any of those, and, if anything exacerbates them.

Your family ultimately and your health need to be your primary concern at a time like this.

Please, for your sake, your family's sake, and Toronto's, resign. I love Toronto, and I know you do too.

Thank you.